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What Size Window A/C Do I Need?

Not sure what cooling power you need for your window A/C to fit your space? Find out which factors you need to consider - and take our 2-minute quiz to find out which size is right for you.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Smart Window Air Conditioner

Looking to upgrade your window air conditioner to a smart, WiFi connected model? Learn more about the reasons to switch to a smart A/C.

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July: The Easiest Window A/C to Get Delivered and Installed in NYC

Learn how July is the best option to have a window A/C delivered and installed everywhere in NYC.

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July: The Safest Window A/C

Learn more about the patented technology that makes July the safest and most secure window A/C ever.

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July is the Window A/C with a Conscience

July is the Window A/C with a Conscience

Find out why July is the ecologically and environmentally friendly window A/C choice.

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July: The Appliance Company with Excellent Customer Service

At July, we pride ourselves in exceptional customer service, so that your experience with us will blow you away.

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Why July Is The Easiest-Install A/C

Find out what makes July the easiest window A/C to install. Say goodbye to the fear of dropping the A/C out of the window - and say hello to the safest, easiest, and quickest window A/C install.

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Wildfires, Air Conditioning, and Air Quality

Find out how to protect your indoor air when a wildfire is active nearby.

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