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What Size Window A/C Do I Need?

Not sure what cooling power you need for your window A/C to fit your space? Find out which factors you need to consider - and take our 2-minute quiz to find out which size is right for you.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Smart Window Air Conditioner

Looking to upgrade your window air conditioner to a smart, WiFi connected model? Learn more about the reasons to switch to a smart A/C.

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July: The Perfect Window A/C For Your Bedroom

Find out what makes July just right for your bedroom A/C choice.

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Is This Window A/C Sound Normal?

Hearing some strange, irritating, or weird sounds coming out of your window air conditioner? Find out what constitutes a normal sound - and how to know when the noise is telling you it's time to replace your window A/C.

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The Perfect Window A/C For Your Baby Nursery

Learn why July is perfect for your little one's nursery.

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The Perfect Window A/C For Your Living Room

Find out what makes July the right choice for your living space.

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Window A/Cs Delivered and Installed in NYC

Find out how to get a window A/C delivered and installed in NYC.

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Can I Leave My Window A/C In All Year?

It's an age-old dilemma: what to do with your window air conditioner come winter?

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