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Plexiglass Kit


Keep your view with our plexiglass kit. Clear side panels mean more light and a tighter seal.

Product description
Crystal-clear plexiglass frames your July to let the natural light in, and keeps the elements out with a tight seal. Typically, this look requires a handyman and a few hundred dollars - but now you can do it yourself.

How it works
We cut our plexiglass to measure. After you purchase, we’ll ask for a single measurement from you (more on that below). We’ll send you two plexiglass side panels with easy adhesive designed to fit your July installation frame.

Free shipping Cut to fit your window Easy returns

A premium look - for less ;)

It usually takes a handyman and a few hundred dollars to keep your view with a window A/C. With our Plexiglass Kit, you can do it for less money and time.

Everything you need to do it yourself.

Made to measure.

All we need to know is the width of your window. After you purchase, we’ll get in touch with specific instructions.

How to measure.

The tightest seal.

Keep the elements and insects out of your home. Our Plexiglass Kit creates a tight seal.

In the summer, you’ll keep the cool air in; and in the winter, you’ll keep the cold air out.


Add it on to your July install.

Getting an install with our professional team? We can add the plexiglass installation on at the time of install. Just ask.