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Plexiglass Kit

Reclaim your view with our premium Plexiglass Kit. Clear side panels let the sunshine in and create a tight seal.

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Our Plexiglass Kit comes with 2 clear panels, custom-cut to exact fit of your July’s installation in your window. The panels come with adhesive strips for an easy self-installation. Our Plexiglass Kit is made-to-measure.
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Compromise your view for an A/C unit? Nah. With our crystal-clear plexiglass panels, you’ll get to keep your beautiful view - and let the sunshine in.

The most premium look. Period.

In many places, a custom plexiglass installation with your window A/C can cost upwards of $300*. Our Plexiglass Kit is custom-cut and easy to DIY install. Get the premium look, for less.

*Based on a survey of 5 installation firms in New York, NY.

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DIY in just a few seconds.

Your kit will arrive with two panels cut exactly to the size of your window. What comes next? Peel off the film, prep your adsehive strips, and stick onto your existing July frame. No tools, no mess. It takes less than 60 seconds - we’ll time you ;)

Since your Plexiglass Kit is made-to-order, we’ll need a single measurement of the width of your window. Learn more about how to measure.

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A tight seal keeps the elements out.

Your plexiglass panels will affix directly on to your July frame side panels, so there will be no gaps to let the elements or any bugs in. A tight seal with a beautifully clear views.

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Having your July installed?

Because your Plexiglass Kit is cut-to-measure, we do not include plexi installation during our white-glove installation appointments. That’s why we created an easy DIY process! However, at the time of your installation appointment, our team will gladly assist with collecting your window measurements and submit on your behalf. After that, your Plexiglass Kit will be on its way in no time.