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July: The Appliance Company with Excellent Customer Service

It’s probably no surprise to you that many window air conditioners on today’s market are expensive, inefficient, and terrible for the environment. Not egregious enough? Traditional appliance companies are also notorious for making the shopping experience difficult. If you need to make a warranty claim, or need help troubleshooting issues, you’re going to waste a lot of time trying to get ahold of someone who can help at those giant companies.

Not only is July cost-effective and energy efficient, but we also specialize in much friendlier customer service than any of our competitors. Don’t worry about waiting for hours on end for someone from our company to eventually speak with you. We'll be available in an instant, because we’re not just about a beautiful product – we’re about making sure you have a fantastic experience.

To connect with any of our representatives, simply visit our website where you can open the support chat window in the bottom right corner of our homepage. Otherwise, if you’re a July customer having trouble with your unit, we offer helpful videos and tutorials that you can view for assistance, and we can even hop on the phone with you to help out in real time.

Wondering what our valued customers think of our super friendly service? Below are a few reviews of what people have said about our customer experience:

  • Emily from New York deemed July a “Sleek, seamless product with a quality team behind it” and wrote that we offer “unmatched customer service.”

  • Patrick from Burlington said, “I cannot believe how helpful the July team was in helping me choose which A/C was right for me. I would have definitely chosen the wrong size without the advice!”

  • Danielle from New York said about her customer service experience, “I’ve reached out to the support team with a few questions and they answer almost immediately!”

Do you want to be among these happy customers? Ditch your old A/C and switch to July. You’ll be blown away by our top-notch customer service – not to mention, you’ll literally be blown away by July’s state of the art cooling power.

When you purchase a July, the warranty is automatically applied and you don't need to fill out any forms. That way, you won’t hesitate about getting in contact with July if you’re having an issue with your unit, since you’ll be assisted right away by one of our attentive, friendly customer service representatives. The customer experience we provide is part of what distinguishes July from the old guard.

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