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Four Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Window A/C

Four Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Window A/C

Most window A/C’s usually last 8-10 years before going kaput. But if it’s not stored properly during the winter, a window A/C can develop big problems even sooner.

Come springtime, you might find yourself in this situation. If you do, remember that it’s more economical to dispose of a broken A/C than to get it repaired. Your best bet is to replace it with a smart A/C like July – which is durable, cost-effective, and kind on the environment.

Here are four signs that it’s time to replace your current window A/C:


1. A/C is blowing air, but its not cooling

What’s the point of a window A/C that’s not cooling you off?

When your window A/C is not cooling, this could mean your unit ran out of freon. It’s a special gas that helps to produce cold air. Replacing freon can be costly, so it’s best to just purchase a whole new window A/C.

July uses the R32 state-of-the-art freon. It lasts much longer than the type of freon used in conventional window air conditioners.


2. Decreased airflow or not blowing any air

Maybe your unit still has enough freon, but the A/C itself isn’t blowing any air. This is a sign that your motor no longer works. Once again, getting it repaired or replaced would be too expensive. The smart move would be to replace the old window A/C altogether.


3. Unusual noises

Grinding and squealing noises are unpleasant to deal with – especially if you’re trying to relax in your bedroom or living room. These window A/C sounds are another sign that the motor could be broken, or that a different mechanism is out of order.

To avoid a potential electrical hazard, unplug your A/C as soon as you hear it making unusual sounds that you haven’t heard before for a sustained period of time. Then make a plan to replace the window A/C, rather than repair it.


4. Weird smell

In general, you should replace your window A/C filter once a month. This helps to lower the amount of dirt and mold that gets trapped in the unit. However, new filtration doesn’t prevent all mold from getting inside.

Over time, enough mold will accumulate to produce a weird, gross odor. And you’ll smell it no matter how often you replace the filter. The odor means there’s too much mold build-up, and that it’s time to get a new unit.

July comes with special air purifying filters that will allow you to protect the A/C as well as the air you breathe from mold and other pollutants. Check out July now.

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