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July: The Safest Window A/C

Did you know that Time Magazine ranked July as one of the 100 best inventions of 2021? According to Time, we’re more than a must-have household product – our smart air conditioners are pushing boundaries and changing the game.

A major reason why July is one of the best recent inventions is because of our patented installation system. This novel invention makes installing July safe, quick, and easy – in other words, it’s an absolute breeze. You can’t find as much safety and security in any other air conditioner that’s out there. Our patented installation system offers many safety and security perks, which you can learn more about below.


No Fear in Dropping the A/C
Everyone knows that installing a conventional air conditioner can be both scary and exhausting. Most units on the market are large and unwieldy, plus some have exposed sharp wires that can cut you. It’s inevitable that you’ll have a very difficult time with installation, since you can drop the unit while carrying it and/or you might injure yourself in the process. If you’ve installed a conventional window A/C before, you know the fear: it’s going to fall right out the window.

You won’t have to worry about any of these issues with July. Each smart A/C has two built-in handheld grips so you can lift the unit all by yourself and slide it into our patented support frame. Because of the way our frame is designed, July can’t fall through the window – and it will click and lock right into place.

What’s more, for July customers based in NYC, we’ll come to your home and provide a white-glove installation for you. All other customers in the United States can order an affordable, safe window A/C installation courtesy of Handy.


Safe After Installation
Our patented installation frame, which can be adjusted to fit most windows, is both versatile and sturdy. The frame is reinforced with steel so that it can handle the entire weight of your July. Our frame gets rid of the need for a support bracket, which is the little ledge that most air conditioners need for when they’re jutting out the window.

A lot of New Yorkers think the city requires by law that all homeowners must own support brackets. That’s not actually the case, though your landlord might require it. If you live in a building where you need to own a support bracket, you can purchase one from July.

Otherwise, just stick with our steel-reinforced installation frame, which inherently functions as a support bracket.


Security from Top and Bottom
Most A/Cs (July included) have provisions for you to screw it into your window sash at the top. But here’s something you can only find with July and none of our competitors: provision for a downward screw.

If you're on the first floor and worried about someone breaking in through the window where the A/C is situated, the fact that it is secured from both top and bottom will make it that much more difficult for someone to break into your home. It’s basically an additional layer of safety.

July’s smart air conditioners are energy efficient, meaning they’re friendly towards the environment as well as your wallet. On top of that, our smart A/C’s are friendly towards the overall comfort of your household: we guarantee all buyers a sense of safety and security.

Check out our Small and Medium units – the first is perfect for bedrooms and the second is perfect for living rooms. In addition, watch a step-by-step tutorial that demonstrates the super easy, breezy installation process.

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