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Why July Is The Easiest-Install A/C

We all know that feeling. Summer is around the corner, which means it’s time to install that window air conditioner again. On the one hand, you know you’re going to relish the cool breeze that the A/C generates for your living room or bedroom. But on the other hand, you’re terrified of the process of installing that A/C – what if you drop it out the window?

Despite decades of the status quo, none of the big manufacturers have attempted to re-imagine the installation experience to make it easier and safer for you. That’s all changed with July: say hello to the easiest, most convenient window A/C install on the market today.

Wonder why July’s air conditioners are the easiest to install? It comes down to three key qualities: safe, quick, and easy.


Safety First

Anyone who has ever installed a window A/C has fretted at least once about dropping the unit out the window. While that fear is very well-founded with traditional A/Cs, you won’t have to worry about it with July. How come?

July has a patent-protection installation system that means it’s like nothing else available today. The July Installation Frame is a lightweight metallic piece that goes into your window first. You’ll expand the sides to match the width of your window, and then secure the frame using the provided screws. After that, you’ll just lift and slip your July A/C into the predefined slot, until you hear the click that means its locked into place. Because the frame is already secured to the window, there’s no way you can drop the A/C out. That will keep you safe – and anyone who happens to be walking the street below.   

The innovation of the July Installation Frame also means you won’t need a support bracket, since the frame basically fulfills the purpose and offers all the support you need. However, if your landlord requires you to own a support bracket, you can purchase one directly from us.

It doesn’t stop there. Our smart A/C units each have two built-in handheld grips for lifting the unit all by yourself, making it easy to pick up off the ground without getting your fingers pinched. Plus, you can screw the unit into both the top and bottom panels of your window frame (which can help prevent break-ins).



Quick As Can Be

While most air conditioner installations are going to keep you occupied for the better part of an hour, with July, you’ll be done before you know it. Because of our patented frame system, we’ve cut the average time required to install down to 15 minutes, for one person, from start to finish.

Alternatively, July can come to your home and provide a white-glove installation for you. We only reserve that service for our customers based in NYC. If you live elsewhere in the United States, you can order an A/C installation courtesy of Handy, which connects homeowners and renters across the country with reliable local professionals at affordable prices.


Easy Install

Our patented window frame really makes all the difference. It’s lightweight and goes in the window first so you can insert the A/C unit afterwards.

The last time you had to install an A/C unit, do you remember that difficult moment of trying to close the window on the A/C while it was dangling outside? You can leave that uncomfortable memory in the past thanks to July. Just push our smart A/C into the patented frame and wait for the click sound. Click! You're all set.

As a team of designers and product thinkers, we know how to effectively implement customer feedback – and that has helped us to perfect every aspect of the installation based on what was wrong with traditional A/Cs.

Before starting July, our founder Muhammad Saigol spent 2019 installing traditional A/Cs for customers based in NYC, chatting with them to learn what would make a unit easier to install. Inspired by his conversations with these New Yorkers, Muhammad had the idea to launch July and he innovated a self-install process that beats all others.


Just watch the July install tutorial to see how safe, quick, and easy it is for yourself. Ready to buy one of our small or medium units? Here they are.

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