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How to Repair Window Air Conditioners

How to Repair Window Air Conditioners

It’s usually more cost-effective to replace a window A/C after it breaks. However, it can sometimes be worthwhile to get the unit repaired instead. To plan ahead for the warmer months, find out when you should repair your A/C and when it’s time to buy a replacement.

If you’re considering a new unit, take a look at the July window A/C - it's beautifully-designed, easy to install, and completely customizable. 


When to repair your A/C

Common issues with window air conditioners can develop while they’re in storage for the winter. That means you won’t notice any problems until reinstalling and turning on your unit. Maybe it only blows room-temperature air or it turns off before the space cools down – or it doesn’t even turn on at all. You can take steps to decrease the likelihood of these issues. This includes cleaning the filter, the water pan, and the condenser coils once every month. However, these steps aren’t a guaranteed fix. If problems still occur you many need a professional repair to fix the window A/C.


Repairing vs replacing

While a typical repair falls between $107 and $348, the cost could possibly go as high as $800. A problem that’s complex and requires ordering new A/C parts will skyrocket the total repair fee. In that case you should look for an A/C replacement, like one of July’s environmentally friendly models. They each come with a 30-day trial period plus a one-year warranty to cover potential repairs.


What to do with your old A/C

If you choose to replace your unit rather than getting it fixed, look for a recycling location where you can dispose of your old A/C. You can do that by clicking this link and plugging in your zip code. You’ll most likely need to drive to the nearest location – if you don’t own a car, see if a friend can give you a ride.


For July customers in the NYC-area, we can come to your home and take away your broken window A/C free of charge (as long as you’re part of our Fall Haul Away program). After that, we’ll repurpose the parts that still work in future July units, and we’ll discard the old refrigerant in an environmentally friendly manner.

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