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Cooling is a right.

The world’s getting warmer, and in many places both near and far, rising temperatures pose risks to health and comfort. At July, we believe that cooling should be for everyone, not just those lucky enough to be able to afford it.

To do our small part, the July Donation Program takes working A/Cs and places them with those in need of cooling. Instead of ending up in a landfill, each and every A/C goes to a family who needs it to stay happy and healthy all summer long.

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Landfills are not the place for A/Cs.

Most A/Cs, even ones that are lightly used, end up in landfills. Not only is the landfill not the place for an A/C (the reycling center is), but working A/Cs should go to those who need them to stay safe from dangerously high summer temperatures.

A home for every July.

We have the highest quality standards for all products that go to customers. Occasionally, our products arrive with minor cosmetic defects or are returned by customers. While we don’t re-sell these units, we don’t let them go to waste: A/Cs that are in working condition are donated to families in need of cooling.

We’re looking for donation partners.

We’ve partnered with both the East Side House Settlement and Bergen Volunteers to bring cooling to families in need. Know of an organization that could accept pre-owned A/C units in the NYC area? Let us know at hello@july.ac.