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July is the First Air Purifying Window A/C

July is the First Air Purifying Window A/C

Air conditioners need to cool you off - that’s obvious. But did you know they can also improve home air quality? The thing is, most air conditioners aren’t good at doing this. Except for July, which offers the first ever air purifying window A/C. It allows you to clean the air while you cool it.

We want to take this opportunity to explain why home air quality is so important -  and why July’s air purifying window A/C stands apart from other air conditioners.


Why you should care about indoor air quality

There are lots of things in your home that can lower the overall air quality. They can cause you to have a bad cough or have trouble breathing. This includes dust particles from your furniture and dander if you own a pet. In addition, you could potentially inhale carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, which a faulty stove or dryer will off-gas.

As you can see, many things could impact the air quality in your home - more than you might’ve expected. So why is the type of window A/C you own so important? It’s because effective A/C filtration can directly improve indoor air quality.


Every window A/C comes with filters to put in your unit and capture micron particles. The strength of filtration is measured in something called MERV. For a typical window A/C that goes in your living room or bedroom, its filter is rated at MERV 1 or 2.


Why traditional window A/Cs just don't cut it

While a MERV 3 or 4 rating is standard for window A/Cs, it doesn’t actually guarantee clean home air quality. Most window A/C filters are designed to mainly protect the inside of your A/C. That’s so large chunks of debris don’t get in and clog everything up (which could lead to an expensive repair).


The problem with standard filtration, though, is that smaller particles can still pass through it. That means your current window A/C is likely circulating dirty air.


Filtration with a MERV rating that’s too low won’t enhance your indoor air quality. A MERV rating that’s too high means the filter is too thick to fit in your A/C. For example, specialized A/C systems in hospitals use filtration rated at MERV 9 or 10 That amount wouldn’t be necessary for your living room or bedroom.


July has custom-designed a MERV 6 filter exclusively for our window A/C units. This special filter works to actively purify the air you breathe.

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