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July App

Part of what makes July so special is that it is the most customizable window A/C ever. From our air purifying filters, to all the installation extras that can make your experience with July as sweet as summer corn, there’s a whole lot to love.

Purifying Air Filters

Up your indoor air quality with our advanced air purifying filters.

Cleanse your air of pollen, pet dander, and other pollutants.


Purify your air of pollutants, plus odors and wildfire smoke.


Side Panel Upgrades

Looking for something extra on the sides of your July? We’ve got the upgrades to give you the look you’re after.

Let the sunshine in, while also creating a tight seal from bugs and the elements. Set of 2.


Layer insulating foam behind any side panels to create a tight weather seal. Set of 2.


Maintain July’s sleek look while also creating a hard barrier from the outside world. Set of 2.


Install Enhancers

Customize your July to suit your specific needs. After all: it’s your July, your way.

Dampen the noise of water drops falling on the part of your July that’s outside the window.


Route your July’s water run-off to a more convenient location.


If you leave July in during the winter, this cover will prevent drafts getting in.


July comes with all the support it needs, but if you are required to have a bracket, you can get it here.



Already got your July, but need help reinstalling it for the next season?

We can re-install your July for the summer season.

Front Covers

Change up your July’s look with a new front cover. Click it right on.

Choose the color that fits your style.


Plush and soft, make your July match the drapes.


Sleek and sophisticated, turn your July into a conversation starter.


Spare Parts

Get the whole frame, or a specific piece here.

Get the whole frame, or a specific piece here.

Replace your standard air filter if its past its prime.


The universal July remote.


Summer Goodies

Embrace the sunshine all-year-round with our summer swag

July’s custom-designed beach towel by renowned artist Amber Vittoria.


Protection, made cool.