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Air Purifying Sky Filters


A 3-months supply of filters to cleanse the air you breathe of pollen, dander, and other pollutants.

Product description
Our custom-designed Sky Filters capture fine particulates like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mold/spores, and other pollutants. The Sky Filters have a MERV rating of 6.

How it works
Each filter lasts about 1 month, after which it gets saturated and must be replaced in order to keep the air you breathe clean.

Free shipping Easy to insert Easy returns

The first purifying window A/C.

For the first time in a window A/C, you’re able to purify the air you breathe. We worked with a U.S.-based filtration company to design filters specifically to work with July - keeping you cool and the air you breathe clean.

Cleaner air for better sleep.

Allergies, pets, oh my!

Our Sky Filters are perfect for allergies or other respiratory issues, households with pets, and high-moisture environments.

Beyond that, they’re great for anyone who cares about the air quality in their home.

Easy to insert,
easy to swap.

Sky Filters are easy to insert. Open the filter compartment, and place it in.

Each filter lasts 1 month. After that, it gets saturated and should be replaced.

The nitty gritty

With a MERV rating of 6, Sky Filters get rid of a large chunk of the pollutants in the air. They filter out particles as small as 3.0 microns in size, and have a dust holding capacity of 260 grams.