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Drip Cushion

Dampen the sound of water drops hitting the exterior of your A/C with our foam Drip Cushion, specially designed to fit the July A/C.

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Our foam Drip Cushion dampens the sound of water drops hitting the top of your A/C, whether from rain or from a neighbor’s window A/C installed above your home. Unlike generic drip cushions, the July Drip Cushion is sized specifically for July A/C with ventilation holes cut out, and designed for a no-interference installation into our patented frame. No tools required, just peel and stick to the top of your A/C.
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Is that ping ping sound from dripping water keeping you up all night? Our Drip Cushion will dampen any noise so you'll have peace of mind at home. Ahh, the sound of silence :)

For when it rains on your A/C.

Whether it’s actual rain, or water droplets coming from an A/C installed in the window above yours, the sound of water hitting metal can get on your nerves. Our foam Drip Cushion is specially designed to absorb and block water drippage noise and let you stop waiting in agitation for that next raindrop.

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Custom designed for your July.

Generic Drip Cushions require messy cutting, block your A/C ventilation, and mean a precarious installation on the back of your A/C. Our Drip Cushion is sized to fit the July A/C, including pre-cut ventilation holes that protect the performance and energy efficiency of your A/C. Plus, we’ve designed our Drip Cushion with a thin profile, making your July installation seamless, and less of an eyesore.

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Just peel & stick.

The July Drip Cushion comes with an adhesive backside, ready to affix directly onto your A/C unit. Peel & stick your Drip Cushion into place, and slide it right into your July frame. Piece of cake!