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July App

Fabric Front Cover: Woven Gray


Fabric Front Cover: Linen

Luxurious and soft, our fabric front covers can warm up your room.

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Understated and soft, Woven Gray creates a cozy atmosphere and a muted palette.
Subtle, textured and airy. Our White Linen Front Cover is an ode to vacation clothes, summer table scapes, and luxe breezy drapes.

A softer appliance.

Upholstered A/C unit? We’re smitten. Forget the plastic and metal that comes to mind when you think of an appliance - with our fabric Front Covers, your July will immediately help create a mood of soft luxury in your space.

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The finest fabrics for the finest A/C.

We’ve sourced our fabrics from the best sources, including the legendary Maharam. Durable and luxe, quality is visible in every stich. Stitched linen with the perfect coarse grain.

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Caring for your Fabric Cover

Treat your fabric Front Cover much the same as you’d treat your curtains. You can use a handheld vacuum to hoover up any lint, spot clean for any stains, and dust lightly to keep your fabric cover looking fresh.

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Snap on, snap off.

Give your room a facelift more easily than ever before. All of our Front Covers attach magnetically and can be removed and replaced in just a few seconds.