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Fabric Front Cover


Change up the look of your July with a woven fabric cover that’s soft and luxurious.

Product description
Our Woven Gray Fabric front cover is soft and understated.

How it works
All our front covers magnetically attach - snap it right on to your July.

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Pretty plush.

It’s not that weird to want to touch your A/C... right? Especially if it’s upholstered in a luxurious textile? (Don’t worry, we get it)

The best material out there.

We worked with legendary textile manufacturer Maharam to select woven fabrics that were both durable and luxe. Our Woven Fabric Cover has the added benefit of dampening noise.

Snap on, snap off.

Forget rearranging your furniture - it takes just a second to change up your July’s style. All our front covers attach magnetically.