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A/C Support Bracket


While July’s installation frame is sufficient, some buildings may require a support bracket.

Product description
This A/C bracket provides extra support outside the window. July’s installation frame already provides all the exterior support necessary. However, some buildings or cities may require brackets. The bracket can hold up to 80lbs.

How it works
The bracket is affixed to to the exterior of the window sill. It comes with all the hardware required.

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Extra security for your install frame.

Every July comes with our patent-protected Installation Frame, that provides all the necessary support for July to sit safely in your window.

However, the A/C support bracket is a great extra layer of security, and some buildings and cities may require them.

Install it into your window sill.

The A/C support bracket comes with all the hardware required to install it into your window sill. Install your A/C support bracket before you put in the July Installation Frame.