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Indoor Winter Cover

Leave your July in the window without a worry all winter long with our insulating indoor cover.

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Our double-insulated, cotton-polyester blend indoor cover will keep your July insulated in the window throughout the winter. Our covers are machine-washable.
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Keep the cold out - and the warmth in.

Our double-insulated quilted cover will prevent cold air from outside entering through the vents on the back of your July, and getting into your home. Keep the warmth inside, and the cold where it belongs.

Discrete and subtle.

Our cotton and polyester blended cover fits snug over the front of your July, keeping it free of dust and debris, and blending in with your window.

Pair with our Insulation Kit for the tightest seal.

For the ultimate seal, check out our Insulation Kit, which will protect the sides of your A/C. The tightest seal for July in the wintertime.