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Wood Finish Front Cover


Change the look of your July with an ash wood finish that’s warm and sophisticated.

Product description
Our Ash Wood Front Cover is beautiful, warm, and unexpected.

How it works
All our front covers magnetically attach - snap it right on to your July.

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Yes, that’s an A/C.

Call it what you want - Scandi, Mid-Century Modern, rustic - whatever it is, there’s no denying our ash wood cover will make your A/C look unlike any other.

A high-quality finish like you’ve never seen.

Our high-quality ash wood laminate is beautiful without sacrificing function. It’s easy to clean, and won’t stain or fade over time.

Snap on, snap off.

Forget rearranging your furniture - it takes just a second to change up your July’s style. All our front covers attach magnetically.