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Wood Finish Front Cover: Ash Wood

Warming and sophisticated, our Wood Finish Front Covers bring mid-century style to any room.

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Light and refined, our Ash Wood front cover brings an unexpected and sophisticated look to your July.

Yes, that’s an A/C.

Call it what you want. Scandi, Mid-Century Modern, Rustic - whatever it is, there’s no denying our ash wood cover will make your A/C look unlike any other. The A/C has officially become one with your home and with nature.

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High style, meet high quality.

Our high-quality ash wood laminate is beautiful without sacrificing function. It’s easy to clean, and won’t stain or fade over time. We recommend light dusting or wiping with a wet cloth for cleaning.

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Be inspired by the great outdoors.

Our wood finish is inspired by your little cabin in the woods. And of course, the fresh outdoor air that comes with it. With a beautiful, light and airy ash finish, you’ll bring a little piece of the outside, in.

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Snap on, snap off.

Give your room a facelift more easily than ever before. All of our Front Covers attach magnetically and can be removed and replaced in just a few seconds.