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Matte Front Cover: Classic White


Matte Front Cover: Cloud


Matte Front Cover: Forest Green


Matte Front Cover: Sky Blue


Matte Front Cover: Rose

Craving a change of scene? Our most popular matte-finished Front Cover collection comes in a variety of colors to match your room’s color scheme.

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Subtle and simple, this is our most popular color - and goes with everything.
Warm and soft, Cloud creates a glow around your July - but is still neutral enough to give your space a minimalist clean vibe.
Mesmerizing and deep, Forest Green is the perfect nod to nature inside your home.
Subtle and cute, Blush is the perfect understated accent to your room.
Light and playful, Sky Blue that acts as a gentle reminder of a beautiful summer sky.

Make your July match the drapes.

You’ve spent a lot of time decorating your room. So why should your A/C stick out like a sore thumb? Customize your July to match your own unique style and decor. Looking for something subtle and minimalist? Something bolder? We’ve got you covered.

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Colors, colors everywhere.

The July product design team did extensive creative testing to find the colors that you’re going to love. Check out our favorite home inspo examples, or follow us on Instagram @feelslike.july for daily window candy.

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No upkeep, easy to clean.

Our Matte Front Covers are all made from a high-quality matte plastic resin, meaning that they are durable, won’t gather dust, and are super easy to clean. We recommend standard dusting or wiping with a wet cloth during any regular cleaning.

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Snap on, snap off.

Give your room a facelift more easily than ever before. All of our Front Covers attach magnetically and can be removed and replaced in just a few seconds.