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Insulation Kit


Keep your July cozy all year-round with insulated foam panels.

Product description
Create our warmest seal with insulated foam side panels. They’re perfect for winterizing your July if you leave it in during the colder months. Plus, keep out street noise.

How it works
You’ll receive two insulated foam side panels. With a pair of scissors, cut them down to the right side and insert them into the installation frame in a matter of minutes.

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Insulate July from the cool weather.

If you’re planning on keeping July in during the winter, our Insulation Kit will ensure that a draft doesn’t get in through the sides. Keep the cold air out, and the warm air in.

Keep cozy this winter with added insulation.

Block out street noise.

As well as keeping you cozy, the foam panels also have sound-dampening properties that will keep out the noise from the street.

A tight seal.

Keep the elements and insects out of your home. Our Insulation Kit creates a snug seal and ensures you keep the outside, outside.

In the summer, you’ll keep the cool air in; and in the winter, you’ll keep the cold air out.

Add it on to your July install.

Getting an install with our professional team? We can add the foam panels during the time of install. Just ask.