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Since July was founded, New Yorkers who purchase a July window A/C have been able to take advantage of our white-glove A/C installation service, where an installation professional from July will personally come to your home and handle the entire A/C install for you. For our customers who live in Boston, Philadelphia, or anywhere else that isn’t NYC, we’re offering a new opportunity for how you can get a top-notch window A/C installation – courtesy of Handy.


We’re partnering with Handy to provide white-glove installation services nationwide at a special rate for July customers. (An A/C install from a conventional handyman will instead cost you hundreds.) A Handy pro will install July for you and they can even winterproof your unit. The latter is especially vital for buyers who reside in colder destinations such as the cities of the Midwest (like Chicago, Minneapolis, and Detroit) or Upper Northeast (like Burlington and Portland).


Whether you’re a July customer in a big city like Los Angeles or San Francisco, or in a smaller city like Austin or Providence – Handy guarantees a white-glove window A/C installation that’s quick and easy. Once you purchase your next July window A/C, here’s how the Handy process will work:


  1. You check-out on our website
  2. The window A/C unit is shipped to you
  3. We send you a link for ordering a Handy installation at a special rate negotiated by us
  4. You pay and schedule the A/C installation directly with Handy
  5. Finally, a Handy pro comes to your home with Handy's guarantee and insurance, meaning they know what they’re doing and you won’t have to worry about the A/C install


Handy connects homeowners and renters across the country with thoroughly vetted professionals in their local area who specialize in plumbing, home renovation, deep cleaning, and many other essential services. Each professional is backed by the Handy Happiness Guarantee – ensuring that you can always trust Handy to take care of all your household needs.


Handy pros are available to help July customers in Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, Portland, Burlington, and many other locations. Check Handy’s website for the full list of locations.


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to order your July.

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