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July – The Perfect A/C to Leave in the Window in Winter

It’s an age-old problem: do you leave your A/C in the window all year long, even as the weather starts to cool? You may prefer to take it out, but if you live in an apartment, chances are you aren’t going to have much space to store a big object over the winter.

But if you do choose to leave your window A/C in, it can negatively affect your heating during the winter, since window A/Cs are not insulated well enough to keep the cold winter air out, and the warm air in. Choosing to leave your A/C installed in your window shouldn’t come with this drawback. How can you get around it?

There’s an easy answer. Choose July, a new window A/C that is beautifully-designed, easy to install, and environmentally efficient. Unlike any other window A/C, July comes with a suite of custom-designed accessories that you can take advantage of to winterize your A/C, keeping it snug and cozy in your window frame all winter long so you can avoid the pesky cold drafts. No need to worry about finding a place to store your A/C, which can be a complicated process especially when you have to lug it down to your basement or make room in your closet to stow the unit away.

We sell two types of accessories to ensure that your July stays well-insulated in your window for winter use. Our Insulating Indoor Winter Cover is a double-insulated, cotton-polyester blend that fits snugly over the main body of the unit. The cover prevents outside drafts as well as dust build-up. Drafts can also enter from either side of the window A/C, which is why we offer a Winter Insulation Kit – two thick foam sheets that go behind the side panels. Get them both for an insulate seal, all winter long.

With both of these accessories keeping it well-insulated and winterized, your July will be in pristine working condition for when you’re ready to power it up again for the warmer months. Never before has leaving an A/C in your window all year been this safe and easy to do. Thanks to July, it’s an absolute breeze.

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