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How To Keep Your Pets Comfortable with a Window A/C

In the spring and summer, pet owners on a budget have an important thing to remember. That’s to keep their dogs and cats cooled off without draining too much energy. A conventional window unit won’t do the trick because it wastes energy - a concerned pet owner would have to leave it running all day while they're out at work. Instead, a smart A/C is more optimal for pet comfort. Especially July, the smartest window air conditioner of its kind.

Whether you have a dog or a cat (or any other animal friend), here’s how a smart window A/C like July ensures pet comfort:


Pet comfort on the go

Because smart air conditioners are WiFi-enabled, you can regulate pet comfort right from your smartphone. While you’re out and about, you can remotely adjust the temperature to keep your dog or cat comfy. July has a digital app that allows you to do that. It’s available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play.

 Keep in mind, a temperature that’s right for you will probably be too chilly for your dog or cat. Pets already shed dander to cool off. And if they’re a lot smaller than you, they get colder that much faster.

A smart A/C like July ensures pet comfort without racking up your energy bill. That’s because it never wastes excess energy, unlike a conventional window A/C. In fact, most July models have 2/3 less emissions than the average unit.


Choosing the right filtration

Unlike humans, dogs and cats don’t wear shorts or drink lemonade to cool off. Instead, they shed off dander during warmer months. This means your smart A/C’s filtration must be able to handle their lingering dander.

Now here’s where the MERV-rating comes in. It stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and is a measure of how many particulates a particular filter can capture.  A/C filtration with a higher MERV rating captures a greater percentage of micron particles. For reference, here’s a rating chart from the EPA.  

(You can think of MERV as similar to BTU. Except they pertain to cleaning power, not cooling power.)

Although MERV ratings can go as high as 20, you won’t need filtration that strong to capture dander. You won’t even need half that number. Filtration with 9 or 10 MERVs is meant for hospitals—not for your living room or bedroom.

Filtration with 3 or 4 MERV is standard for your home. However, July’s air purifying filters each have the strength of 6 MERV. That’s more than enough to filter your pet’s dander. When you purchase a July model, you'll have the option to add on this filtration power like never before - it's the first air purifying window A/C.



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