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How to Dispose of Your Window Air Conditioner

If your window A/C is on its last legs, don’t rush to buy a replacement just yet. First you need to dispose of your old window A/C – either by recycling or repurposing it. Find out which method is right for you.

 Once you have a plan to dispose of your A/C, you can replace it with an environmentally friendly model from July.


Steer clear of the curb

It might seem convenient to leave a broken window A/C out on the curb. However, doing this can seriously harm the environment because the A/C could get thrown into a landfill. The cooling liquid inside the A/C, called refrigerant, contributes significantly to greenhouse gases when it’s discarded in an improper way.


Recycling your A/C

It’s often more cost-effective to replace your broken window A/C than to get it repaired. So, if your unit has an issue that would cost hundreds of dollars to fix, recycle the A/C instead. In some cities, like New York City and Los Angeles, you can call a municipal worker to take away your A/C. The city’s A/C removal service will properly recycle it and dispose of its refrigerant.

Unfortunately, most cities don’t have an A/C removal service. That means you’ll have to bring the window A/C to a designated recycling location yourself, and you’ll likely have to drive there. To find the nearest recycling location, click this link and plug in your zip code.


When to repurpose your A/C

If your air conditioner still functions but you don’t need it anymore, consider repurposing it. Maybe you’re moving to a smaller apartment and your current unit has too much cooling power for your new home. Or, you're moving somewhere bigger and the window A/C you own right now isn’t powerful enough. A great way to repurpose that A/C is by donating it to charity.

 Organizations that take used air conditioners include The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and Goodwill. Whichever you choose, call beforehand to let them know you’re dropping off a donation – that way they’ll be ready to receive your window A/C. They might also inspect it to make sure the coils and refrigerant are intact.

Are you a July customer in the NYC-area ready to dispose of your window A/C? If so, we can come to your home and either recycle or repurpose the A/C (depending on its condition). We can reuse the parts that still work in future July units and we’ll properly dispose of the refrigerant. Learn more here.

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