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July: The Perfect Window A/C For Your Studio Apartment

With a July smart A/C, you’ll be able to cool down your studio apartment in style – all while being eco-friendly. Purchasing a July unit is the perfect way to ring in springtime.

Find out why a window A/C from July is essential for your studio apartment.


Easy Install

Don’t worry about asking your roommate or partner to help install July. If you live alone, you don’t even need to call a friend over. That’s because you can set up July in your studio apartment all by yourself.

Each unit has two handheld grips that allow you to lift and slide it into our patented support frame. The frame fits into any window and protects your unit from falling out.

What’s more, July spruces up the aesthetic of any open plan space. Every unit comes with a sleek decorative cover that you can customize in a variety of colors.


Energy Efficient

Since July doesn’t use up excess energy, that means you’ll get a lower monthly electric bill than with a regular window A/C. However, that doesn’t detract from July’s exceptional cooling strength.

If your open plan space is between 150-250 square feet, go with a small July, which has a capacity of 6000 BTU. Our medium July with 8000 BTU is perfect for open plan spaces up to 350 square feet.

Take our quiz to determine which option is better for your studio apartment.

Once your July is installed, your studio apartment will instantly be cooler – in both appearance and temperature.

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