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How to Ensure Your Window A/C is Safe and Secure

As technology grows more innovative, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s getting safer. Window air conditioners are certainly becoming smarter and more adept. Still, you might be wondering, How can I tell whether a window A/C is safe?

July will put any worries you have to rest. That’s because it has one of the safest and most secure window A/C installations. Our smart air conditioners are environmentally friendly and visually appealing. However, we never put these qualities above safety and security.

Here are the two best ways to tell whether a window A/C is truly safe and secure.


Safe Install

It’s daunting to install a window A/C a few stories above ground. If you're putting in a heavy unit, you’ll need another person to help you out. Even with that extra hand, one wrong move and you could get a bad gash from the A/C, or it could slip out the window.

A support bracket ensures secure installation by preventing the A/C from crashing to the ground. But how do you avoid getting an injury? July has you covered.

Each July smart A/C has two handheld grips that allow you to lift the unit all by yourself. Then, you can slide it into our patented support frame. It’s super secure and easier to install than a regular bracket. No bruises and no hassle.


Burglar Proofing

 Believe it or not, a secure A/C installation can provide an extra layer of security.

 Most people don’t like to install a window A/C on the first floor of their home, since it’s easy for someone to rob. However, if your window A/C is firmly secured in the window, not only is it harder for a burglar to steal. That’s also one less way to have a potential break-in.

 With July, you get all the safety and security you need in a single purchase. Along with our support frame, each purchase comes with optional screws to secure the A/C into your window sill and burglar proof the unit. These window A/C lock screws are the first of their kind.

July’s wide range of capabilities make it one of the safest and smartest window air conditioners today.

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