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Is This Window A/C Sound Normal?

While cooling your space down, a window air conditioner will create a fair amount of noise – you can’t avoid that.


If you’re busy around the house during the day, you probably won’t be paying much attention to the sounds your window A/C makes. And besides, white noise is soothing for when you’re going to sleep.


However, if your window A/C is making any strange or weird noises, or if it’s simply too noisy to handle, it could be time to replace your unit altogether. Learn more about what are considered normal window A/C sounds – as well as what sounds are not so normal.


Normal Noises


If you put your ear up to where cool air exits the A/C, you’ll hear the sound of blowing air coming from the fan within the unit. In that same area, you’ll also hear a hiss or gurgle from refrigerant passing through the evaporator. Refrigerant is the special A/C liquid that helps to cool your space down. Both of these are completely normal window A/C noises.


Around the roof of the A/C, you’ll hear what sounds like high-pitched chatter. Not only is this a normal sound; it also means your unit is new and energy-efficient. The July window air conditioner is one such energy-efficient unit (and, it’s one of the quieter ones out there).


On either side, you might hear some scratching and swishing coming from inside the unit. This is the sound of water condensing and being re-used for cooling, which helps units like July maintain such high energy-efficiency.


If you're sensitive to noise, be sure to check the decibel rating of the window air conditioner before you purchase.


Weird & Irritating Noises


Strange noises are never a positive sign – especially if they get on your nerves. Window A/C sounds different from the ones previously described could indicate there’s something wrong with your A/C.


The noise that’s easiest to fix on your own is vibration, as it’s usually a sign of improper installation. If this happens with your A/C, reread the instructional pamphlet on how to install the unit correctly.


When you hear any grinding or squealing, that means it’s time for a new window A/C. These noises occur when the motor is broken or when a different mechanism is out of order. Unplug your A/C as soon as you hear these noises, since faulty mechanisms are a potential electrical hazard.


Once your A/C begins making strange noises, look to replace it with a July. Although a 100% quiet window A/C has yet to be invented, July is certainly the smartest air conditioner of its kind. It’s WiFi-enabled, it actively purifies the air – and best of all, it’s eco-friendly.

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