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Do I Need A Window A/C Support Bracket?

So, you're thinking of getting a window A/C - and you want to know whether you'll need a support bracket to support the weight of your air conditioner? We'll tell you everything you need to know.


What do support brackets do?

A support bracket is an add-on that serves as an external platform for your window A/C. It is installed into the window frame before the A/C is inserted. Support brackets come in many varieties, but most frequently consist of a single ledge that juts out horizontally from the window frame and is screwed into the frame for security. These can often be complex and difficult to install, too.

If the idea of screwing into your window frame seems less than ideal, you might consider a July unit. July has a patented window A/C support frame that comes with every purchase. Unlike the traditional bracket, this is a frame that goes into the window - and then the A/C slips in and locks into place, making it easier than any installation ever before.

July’s window A/C support frame ensures your window A/C will remain balanced in your living room or bedroom window. For an extra safety precaution, you can still use a support bracket - but it isn't needed.


Am I required to have a support bracket?

Many New Yorkers believe the city requires them to own a support bracket for their window A/C. This is actually a myth. The truth is, NYC only recommends that you own one – it’s not the law.

However, if you live in an apartment building or complex, then your landlord might require you to have a support bracket. There’s also a chance your landlord doesn’t want you to use a support bracket. They might think it’ll make the building’s exterior look aesthetically unappealing.

Either way, talk to your landlord to confirm whether or not you need to own a support bracket.


How should I install it?

Like finding the right window A/C size, you need to take certain measurements before installing a support bracket. Make sure your support bracket isn’t wider than your window frame, and make sure the legs are long enough to hold your air conditioner. Otherwise, if the legs are too short, your window A/C could topple over and crash to the ground. Also make sure to get the support bracket with the right weight bearing: they often come in 80 lbs and 160 lbs versions.

Depending on how heavy your window A/C is, a support bracket could cost upwards of $100. Plus, you may purchase one that requires you to screw or drill it into the window frame, which means you would need extra tools.

To avoid the hassle of a support bracket, just go with July. With our patented window A/C support frame, you don’t need to measure the size of your window. That’s because it’s adjustable – you can widen or shorten it to fit within your open window. No need to worry about any fussy assembly.

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