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July App

A Window A/C as Beautiful as Summer Itself

The beautiful, modern design of the July window air conditioner
“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.” 
- Jane Austin 

As we began the process of designing July, we made a commitment to ourselves: we would design something that was as beautiful and joyful as the season it would be used in.

So right from the start, we stopped thinking about July as an appliance, the way that everyone had done before. The air conditioner takes a prominent place in the home: the bedroom window, the living room window. We wanted to create something not that you would try in vain to hide behind your blinds, but rather something that you would be proud to display: a design object that reflects your personal style.  

As we began to think about what July could look like, we became very focused on the concept of the window - such an important interface in a person’s home. The window connects the outside with the inside, allows light to enter the home and brighten every surface. We wanted July to embrace its natural place in the home. July makes use of simple, elegant lines, natural shapes and negative space to fit into your window, without appearing out of place or boxy.  

Beyond the core of the design, we also knew that no two people’s homes are alike. Everyone has their own aesthetic sense: from minimalists to maximalists, eclectics to mod fans, if you live in a certain type of building you will need a window A/C during the summer - but nothing out there allowed you to make it your own.

The individuality of our customers was so important to us - so we designed July to be customizable to make it fit any aesthetic with a removable front cover. Simply snapping a new cover on can completely change the look of your July. We wanted to think outside the box, looking at materials, finishes and textures that had never before been seen on window A/C (or any A/C, for that matter).  

To start, July buyers will be able to choose between a variety of unique soft, domestic materials: an ash wood for a more refined look, a woven grey fabric for softness and coziness, or a soft white for a more minimalist look,

This front cover is a canvas to reflect the individual style of all of our customers. And this is just the start - you can expect many more front covers in the months and years to come. 

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