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July: The Perfect Window A/C For Your Living Room

Even with the nicer weather, it’s still good to take the day off once in a while. For the next time you plan on staying in, purchase a July to enliven the mood in your apartment’s living room or den. Here’s a few reasons why July is your best bet.


Pair With Your Phone

Feeling too comfy on your couch to get up?

You can use our remote control to lower the temperature in your apartment’s living room. But if you misplace it, don’t worry. Download our smartphone app on either the Apple Store or Google Play. It does everything the remote does (and more).

Set a schedule on the July app for how long you want the unit to cool off the living room or den. You can take a quick shower or nap in the meantime. By the time you’re done, the living room will feel cool enough to spend the rest of the day, all thanks to July.


Lower Energy Bill

Because July doesn’t produce more cold air than needed, it conserves energy. As a result, your apartment will get a lower energy bill each month. Save money with a July while keeping your living room cooled down for extended periods.

Make sure you purchase a July with the optimal amount of BTU. The Small July has a capacity of 6000 BTU, while the Medium July has a capacity of 8000 BTU. For an average sized living room, you likely won’t go wrong with either. But take our quiz to be sure you pick the right unit.

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