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July: The Perfect Window A/C For Your Baby Nursery

Any new parent knows that a baby is sensitive to their surroundings. When it’s warming up outside, that means a baby will react instantly if the nursery room feels a tad hotter than usual.

July will keep your child cool and comfortable in their baby nursery. When they get a good night’s sleep, you will too. Learn what makes July the ideal window A/C for your nursery.


Perfect Temperature Control

The neat thing about July is that it’s WiFi-enabled. With our digital app available on both the Apple Store and Google Play, you can schedule when you want July to cool down a room and when you want it off.

Of course, babies tend to wake up crying at random times. (As a new parent, you probably experienced this the night before reading our blog post.) So, it would be hard to set a schedule that precisely aligns with when they’re asleep. Fortunately, you can change the nursery’s temperature in a snap thanks to our app.

There’s a good chance your baby could feel uncomfortable due to the initial temperature. If that happens, check their forehead to see whether they feel too hot or cold. Then adjust July accordingly.


Air Purifying Capabilities

When welcoming your little one into the world, you want to make sure that the air they breathe is as pure as can be. July is the first and only air purifying A/C. You can add-on purifying filters to any July, actively purifying the air your baby breathes.

Take our quiz to help decide whether you’ll need the Small July (6000 BTU) or the Medium July (8000 BTU). Either way, by adding on our special filters, you’ll turn your window A/C into an air purifier that will improve your nursery’s indoor air quality.

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