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July: The Perfect Window A/C For Your Bedroom

Now that spring has begun, your bedroom could quickly get too hot and stuffy if you don’t own an optimal window A/C.

Whether you have a small bedroom or an average sized bedroom, a smart A/C from July will keep your space cooled down the entire night.

Here’s what makes July perfect for your apartment’s bedroom.



July has a digital app available on both the Apple Store and Google Play. If you’re too cozy in your bed to get up, simply open our app to adjust the temperature. No need for a remote control.

The app also allows you to cool your home away from home. It’s great for making sure that your pet (if you own one) stays comfy when you’re not around the apartment.

Plus, if you’re craving a nap after a long day out and about, don’t fret: Just use the app to kickstart your July’s cool-down process before returning to your apartment.


Perfect Temperature

No matter the size of your apartment, July will cool your bedroom to the perfect temperature.

Unlike other, regular window A/C, July can be programmed to turn itself off once it reaches your desired temperature. Because it doesn’t pump out more cool air than needed, you’ll get a lower electric bill at the end of each month.

Try our small July with 6000 BTU if your bedroom measures between 150-250 square feet. For an average sized bedroom – less than 350 square feet – we recommend our medium July with 8000 BTU. Our quiz will help you decide which model is right for you.

July guarantees comfort and coolness in your bedroom, regardless of whether it’s a small or average sized bedroom. You’ll sleep more soundly knowing that July will keep you cool throughout spring and summer – without putting a dent in your energy bill.

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