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How Much Does It Cost To Buy & Run A Window A/C?

When purchasing a window A/C, there are numerous factors to consider. What is the BTU capacity of the A/C? How big is the room where you’ll be installing it? Is the A/C easy to maintain?

Above all, the most important factor you’ll need to consider is the cost.

First, you’ll need to find out the window A/C price itself. The next step is figuring out how much electricity the unit uses up – and how much that’ll cost over time.

Learn more about the cost of buying and running a window A/C:


Finding The Right A/C Price

Window air conditioners range widely in prices. They can cost as low as $150 or up to more than a thousand dollars.

You should look for a unit based on its size and how much cooling power it has. Then determine the most affordable window A/C cost. You can take our quiz to find the perfect window A/C size for your home.

It’s easy to mistake an expensive A/C for an effective A/C. Just because something is costly, though, doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you. A/Cs tend to increase in price based on their BTU capacity. But if you're trying to cool a standard room in your home, like a living room or bedroom, chances are you won't need more than 8000 or 10000 BTU.

July’s smart air conditioners are affordable and perfect for your living space. Our Small A/C is 6000 BTU, which is the right capacity for most bedrooms. And our Medium is 8000 BTU, which is the right capacity for most living rooms.


Calculating The Energy Cost

After finding a good window A/C price, you’ll then need to calculate the energy cost. This refers to the actual cost to run your window A/C – i.e., the number that’ll appear on your monthly energy bill.

How often you use the window A/C will affect the total energy cost. A room that has a wide floor area and gets a lot of sunshine will require having the A/C on for a long time. Plus, most air conditioners keep running even after cooling the space to your desired temperature. They don’t shut themselves off, which drains electricity.

(Use this website to calculate the energy cost for the A/C you want to buy. You’ll need to know the number of watts beforehand. The kWh is roughly $0.13.)

July has a lower cost to run – that’s because our models save energy by turning off after cooling your space down, especially when you activate "Eco" mode. Best of all, our Mediums are equipped with the state-of-the-art refrigerant that is both environmentally-friendly and lower in energy consumption, when compared with other refrigerants on the market. 

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