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How do I install Plexiglass for my window A/C?

If you’re planning on keeping your window A/C in your window permanently, then you might be interested in upgrading your installation to something that still allows you to make use of your window for natural light. In that case, you should consider a plexiglass installation, which will replace the traditional, solid accordion panes of your window A/C with transparent plexiglass, letting the light in but keeping all the elements out.

When it comes to the plexiglass installation process, here are some important steps to keep in mind.


Is a Plexiglass Installation Right For You?

The first question you may have is whether you’re a good candidate for the plexiglass installation. All standard window A/Cs come with accordion side panels that are flexible enough to expand to fit the different window sizes that exist. However, the downside is that these are ugly and solid – meaning that you decrease the amount of natural light filtering into your space, and you lose your view. For many people living in apartments, window space is precious – and it's a shame to have to lose your view.

In other cases, you may intend on leaving your window A/C in your window all year around, either because it’s too much of a hassle to de-install, or because you don’t have space to store it (or both). In that case, a plexiglass installation also creates a tighter seal than the traditional accordion panes, and so can better insulate against the colder weather. 

If these sound like you, keep reading to find out how to get your plexiglass installed.


Finding a Handyman

Unless you’re an experienced DIY’er, you’ll probably want to find a handyman for this job. Most contractors who have experience with window A/Cs will be able to do the plexiglass installation for you. It’s best to call the handyman beforehand and confirm that they know how to do a plexiglass installation, and that they are able to both purchase and cut the panels for you.


How it Works

The plexiglass installation process usually involves 2 visits from your handyman. First, they’ll arrive at your home and measure the window frame in relation to your window A/C unit. Then, they’ll go purchase the plexiglass panels and cut them down to your exact size specifications. Once that’s done, they’ll return to your home with the plexiglass panels and install them against your A/C, usually sealing the gaps around the plexiglass with silicone. Because it’s an involved process, it can cost you around $300 per A/C, once all is said and done. It’s also worth noting that one the plexiglass installation is complete, your A/C can’t be moved without ripping everything out.

If you’re looking to upgrade your window, you might consider the July window A/C. Not only does it look beautiful in your window, but July will also provide you with plexiglass side panels for less than a fifth of the cost. When you purchase our small or medium window A/C unit, all you have to do is send us the dimensions of your window frame. Then we'll send you pre-cut panels with adhesive so you can stick them to your July frame. No contractor, no tools required. Plus, your A/C is still removable, should you choose to bring it in for the winter.


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