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What is your warranty?

Every July comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Unlike as with traditional manufacturers, every July is automatically registered - there are no forms to fill out. We also offer the option of purchasing an extended 3-year warranty through our partnership with Clyde. Learn more about our warranty program by clicking here.

What is the Clyde Extended Warranty?

To protect your July for even longer, sign up for our extended warranty offered through our partnership with Clyde. You'll be able to extend your warranty for a total of 3 years - and be protected from accidental damage from day one. Learn more about the Clyde extended warranty by clicking here.


How do I check the status of my order?

Once your order ships, you'll receive an email confirmation with a tracking link and estimated delivery date. This will provide the most up to date information for your order status!

If you haven't received this yet, your order is still processing, but it will be in your care soon :)

How do I cancel or modify my order?

Please email us at support@july.ac and we'll make adjustments to your order.

Do you offer tax exemption?

Yes. Please provide your tax exempt certificate by email to hello@july.ac and we'll help process your order.

Trial Policy

How does your trial policy work?

We are confident that you'll love your July. In case you're not, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don't like your July for any reason during the first 30 days, we'll take it back for a full refund.


Where do you ship?

We ship within the continuous United States. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to PO Boxes, so please provide an alternate address. We do provide local delivery within certain areas of NYC. We do not ship to Canada (yet!).


What is the difference between the Standard Filter and the air purifying Sky Filter?

The Standard Filter comes with every July, but it only protects the internal components of your July from large pieces of dust or debris. The air purifying Sky Filter cleanses the air of fine particulates that you breathe, including pollen, pet dander, and other pollutants.

How do I know when it's time to change my air purifying Sky Filter?

Our air purifying Sky Filter gets saturated after about one month of regular use. You won't necessarily see any visual change, but after one month it will no longer cleanse the air and can even decrease your July's efficiency. Simply take out the filter, dispose of it in the trash, and replace with a new Sky Filter.


I need help with the July self-installation.

We've made installing July a breeze. You can watch a how-to video of the installation by clicking here. If you need additional help, send us an email to support@july.ac.

Do I need a bracket?

Every July comes with our patented installation frame that makes every installation completely safe. A bracket is not required to securely install your July. However, some buildings require brackets to be installed. July works with most standard brackets.

Window Fit

How do I know if July will fit in my window?

July is designed to work with most single or double hung windows (that open vertically), from 19" to 39.5" wide. There is a minimum window opening height of 15.13". If you have a slider window, or your current unit is in the wall, we don't have a model for you - yet!

Does July work in slider windows?

July is designed exclusively for use in single or double hung windows (ones that open vertically). Unfortunately, July cannot be used in a slider window, but we are working on an accessory to assist with this sort of installation.


What are the specs of this unit?

You can see all the specifications of our units on the product page by clicking here.

What are the dimensions of the Small and Medium?

The dimensions of both the Small and the Medium are the same (we managed to shrink the Medium to fit into the same casing as the Small). The dimensions are: 18" (depth) x 19.5" (width) x 13.6" (height).

How much do the units weigh?

The Small weighs 50 lbs and the Medium weighs 55 lbs.

What is the decibel rating for this unit?

The Small is rated at 50 decibels and the Medium is rated at 54 decibels. This makes our Julys amongst the quietest units on the market in their cooling capacity categories.


What comes in the box with July?

Every July comes with: The July unit, our patented installation frame, side panels and the hardware necessary to fully install your July.

Can I use July through the wall?

July is designed exclusively for use in single or double hung windows (ones that open vertically). Unfortunately, July cannot be used through-the-wall, but we are working on an accessory to assist with this sort of installation.

I'm having trouble working my July.

We're here to help. If you're having issues with your July, just contact us at support@july.ac and we'll help troubleshoot.

How does airflow work?

July blows cold air out of the outlet towards the top of the A/C. This functions very much similarly to traditional window A/Cs. Our decorative front panel does not change the airflow system.

I lost the instruction manual.

You can view the instruction manual digitally by clicking here.


What does the WiFi capability do?

You can control July from our app, available for Android or Apple iOS devices. The app allows you to control July from your mobile device. You can also connect July to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home to control it with your voice.

Do I need WiFi or a smartphone to use July?

You can control July from the on-device control panel, the remote control, or your smartphone if you download our app. The app is not required to control July, but is just one of the options you have.

I'm having trouble connecting the unit to WiFi

Contact us at support@july.ac and we'll help troubleshoot.


How do I book with Handy?

Handy Installation can be added at checkout. Please note that July will not charge you or schedule this service. Once your order is placed with Handy added, we'll ship your July to you. Once it arrives, you can pay for and schedule your Handy installation through the link in your order confirmation email.

I have an issue with my Handy appointment.

Because Handy is a third party provider, we cannot assist with Handy appointment issues, as we don't have access to their databases. If you need any assistance, please contact Handy at support@handy.com. They're available to assist 24/7.


I want to exchange my unit for a different size.

We're happy to get this process started for you. Please email us at  support@july.ac with your order number and any relevant information.


What is your return policy?

Orders, with the exceptions below, can be returned within 30 days from date of delivery. Please email us at support@july.ac to get this sorted. Please note that returns must be sent back in their original packaging, no exceptions, and accessories that have been customized or opened/used are non refundable or returnable. Delivery and installation fees and Handy charges are nonrefundable.

Please note that orders (and subsequent returns) that have been placed without consulting our size and window requirements will be subject to a return fee.

Carbon Offset Program

How does your carbon offset program work?

We partner with CarbonFund.org to offset the lifetime emissions from very July we sell. Through CarbonFund.org, we support reforestation efforts in the US and around the globe.


What happens when you recycle an A/C?

Most A/Cs end up in a landfill - the equivalent carbon impact of driving from Seattle to Miami. When we take away a broken A/C, reusable parts are repurposed, and the refrigerant is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.


How are your A/Cs better for the environment?

In our Medium, we use the state-of-the-art refrigerant, R32. This has 2/3rds less emissions than most A/C on the market. We'll be doing even more to reduce our carbon impact.

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