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Slider Window Install Guide

This page covers everything you need to know about July for Slider Windows. That includes the window dimension requirements and the start-to-finish installation process for installing July in slider windows. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at support@july.ac or chat us from anywhere on the website.




  1. Is July for Slider Windows right for you?
    Read this to determine whether your window and set up will work with July.

  2. Before your July arrives
    There are a few steps that you can do before your July arrives to ensure that you’ll have everything ready to go for the installation.

  3. Installation instructions
    A step-by-step guide for you, or a handyman, to install the unit and the plexiglass the day of installation.



How the July for Slider Windows works

When you order a July for Slider Windows, we'll send you our standard A/C unit and Installation Frame, along with a Slider Window Adapter Kit, that will allow you to install the A/C in your slider window. Be sure to include the Slider Window Adapter Kit as part of your order, otherwise you won’t receive all the parts you need.

While installing the July A/C in your window takes no more than a few minutes, you’ll need to cover up the gap in the window that remains above the A/C after the installation. You'll want to use a sheet of clear, transparent plexiglass. Because the size of this gap depends on the height of your window, we aren’t able to send you a pre-cut piece. The July for Slider Windows requires a custom-cut piece of plexiglass that you, or a handyman you choose, will have to order from your local hardware store. 

The type of window you need

A slider window is a window that opens horizontally (left or right), like this:

If your window opens in a different manner, then this isn't the right set of instructions for you. You can learn more about how July can fit into different configurations here

The necessary window dimensions

The same model of the July unit is used in both our standard and slider window installations. Because of that, you'll need to make sure that your slider window meets the following specifications:

Minimum slider window opening width: 20 3/4"

Minimum slider window opening height: 15 1/8" 

If your window cannot open to the minimum dimension listed above, then unfortunately July will not be able to fit in your window.



There's a few steps that you need to take to make sure you are prepared for the installation. Follow these steps before your A/C arrives, so you can be prepared when it does.

Make an installation game plan 

We highly recommend working with a handyman who has experience in installing window A/Cs. Since the way July installs into a slider window is very similar to traditional models on the market, anyone with experience in this space will know exactly what to do.

If you live in NYC, we can connect you to a professional with experience with our unit, specifically. Just fill out this form and someone will get back to you within 1 business day.

While installing the A/C unit is simple, you will also need to get a custom cut sheet of plexiglass and adhere it to the window frame above the unit. If you don’t have experience ordering and installing a custom-sized piece of plexiglass into a window frame, the best option is to work with a handyman, who will be able to install the A/C and plexiglass without issue. You can find instructions on adhering the plexiglass to your window in the next section, Installation Instructions.  

Ordering your plexiglass sheet 

After you install the July A/C, you will need to cover the remaining window opening above with a sheet of clear, transparent plexiglass. This will have to be sized specifically to your window. Here’s how to get the measurements. 

Because the height of every slider window is different, you'll have to take a single measure of your window: the height of the opening, as shown in this image below. Please don't include the lip or frame of the window in your measurement - just the height of the opening itself. Take note of this measurement.

Because the width of the July A/C is fixed, you don’t need to measure the width of the window for this step. 

Once you've got your window opening’s height measured, you'll need to get the plexiglass sheet cut in advance of your installation, so that you can close the gap as soon as you fit the A/C in. If you're working with a handyman, they will likely be able to procure a sheet for you. Otherwise, sheets can be cut to size at your local hardware store or big box retailer likeLowe’s.

Plexiglass Thickness: ⅛”

Plexiglass Width: 22 ½”

Plexiglass Height: minus 16 ½”  = 0


We highly recommend working with a handyman to install your July in a slider window, for the easiest experience possible. Below are the steps for your handyman - or if you want to DIY. 

What you need

To successfully complete the installation, you'll need:

  • The A/C unit and associated accessories that will come in the box with it. 

  • Our Slider Window Adapter Kit, which will ship separately from your unit and must be added-on at the time of checkout. In the box, you’ll also find a single screw that will be needed to complete the installation. 

  • A power drill, to affix the July unit safely into your window.

  • The plexiglass sheet to cover the gap above the A/C, that is cut to the specific dimensions of your window (see above on how to determine the correct dimensions).

  • 4-6 screws, that will be used to affix the plexiglass to your window frame. These can be 3/8" to 1/2". If your window frame is metal, you'll need to get sheet metal screws.

  • Clear silicone exterior/interior window and door sealant and a caulk gun to securely affix the plexiglass sheet into your window and ensure that there are no openings.

  • Depending on the height of your window, you may also need a ladder or step-stool, since part of the installation will require accessing the top of the window to ensure that the plexiglass is sealed from the top.


Part 1: Unboxing

  1. First, you'll want to open the July A/C box. After opening it, you’ll find a tray with a Center Frame as well as a Left and Right Wing. You’ll still need the Center Frame for the slider window installation; however, the Left and Right Wing are for our standard installations and you will not need these. You can discard them.

  2. Open your Slider Window Adapter Kit and find the Left and Right Wings for Slider Windows. Take your center frame, and slide these in on the left and right side all the way, so they are flush with the July Installation Frame, as shown in the image below.

Part 2: Installing July in the Window

  1. Now that you've got your July Installation Frame ready, you can place it in the window itself.

  2. Start by opening your slider window as wide as you can. If your slider window has 2 panels that slide, open the one in front

  3. Now, take the July Installation Frame and place it in the window, all the way against the window frame to one side. You should see that the Side Wing overlaps with the window frame itself.

  4. Now slide the window closed until it meets the edge of the July Installation Frame. Similarly to the other side, you'll see that the Side Wing overlaps with the window. Make sure it is tightly closed so there are no gaps. 

  5. Inside the box with your Slider Window Adapter Kit, you'll find a single screw. Use this screw to secure the July Installation Frame downwards into the bottom of the window frame. You can find the hole directly in the center of the July Installation Frame. Depending on the material of your window, you may need to pre-drill a pilot hole using a drill bit before directly inserting the screw. Use a power drill to make this part easier.

  6. It’s now time to secure the July Installation Frame to the left and the right, using the two screws found in the main July A/C box with a power drill, as seen in the image below. Again, depending on the material of your window, you may need to pre-drill a hole.

  7. Lift your A/C using the handholds on each side of the base, and slide your A/C all the way into the July Installation Frame. Once it's fully engaged, you'll hear a click. Thanks to our patented system, your July will hold securely in place.

Part 4: Affixing the Plexiglass

Now that your July Installation Frame is secure in the window, it's time to close the gap above the A/C. 

  1. Most times, your plexiglass sheet will come with protective film on both sides. Make sure to remove the film from both sides before you begin.

  2. Position the plexiglass so it sits directly above the July Installation Frame. The left, right, and top sides of the plexiglass sheet should overlap with the sides of your window.

  3. You’ll need to secure the plexiglass sheet in the window using 4 screws, 1 at each corner. If the height of your plexiglass sheet exceeds 24”, we recommend an additional 2 screws in the center of each side. Make sure to pre-drill the holes in your plexiglass to avoid any cracking when you insert the screws. If your window frame is metal, you’ll need to use sheet metal screws and will need to pre-drill corresponding holes in your window. We do not provide these screws, so please make sure to get the appropriate ones for you. 

  4. Once secured in place, you'll use the silicone sealant to caulk the edges of the plexiglass to weatherproof the window. Be sure to caulk all four edges, including where the plexiglass meets the July A/C Frame. Please follow the instructions for use listed on your sealant.

Once sealed, you can magnetically attach your front cover to the front of your July. Plug it in, and enjoy the breeze!

Need any extra help?

We've got you. Just email us at support@july.ac or chat us from anywhere on the website.