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July Membership Program

At July, we’re more than just about a great looking A/C. We’re about changing the way you stay cool.

Never buy a window A/C again, but always have a July in the months when you need it, without any of the hassle of installation, de-installation, maintenance, or storage.

Here's how the July Membership works

You’ll pay a flat monthly fee for your July. In turn you’ll get access to:
  • A July A/C from May - September, or as you need ($349 value)
  • A professional installation at the beginning of every summer ($150 value)
  • A professional uninstallation at the end of every summer ($150 value)
  • Winter storage, cleaning, and maintenance of your July ($300 value)
  • Guaranteed same-day maintenance for your July if anything goes wrong ($150+ value)
  • Continuous July warranty while you are in the program ($50 value)
  • First access to upgrades to our latest products

You’ll get all of this starting for $49 a month for The Small (6,000 BTU)
and $54 a month for The Medium (8,000 BTU).

Because you're on the waitlist, we're offering 2 months free. All you’ll have to do today is put down the first monthly payment at checkout and then your 2nd and 3rd months will be free.

You'll have a 30-day risk free trial and can cancel any point after the first year. You can also cancel anytime before delivery for a full refund.

Starting your Membership service

You can choose to start this subscription model for this August or the Summer of 2021. Whatever you choose, your offer for 2 months free is secure. 
Due to the Covid-19 situation we will not be able to start this program until August of this year. We know for many of you that means you will already have a unit to keep you cool in June and July.

If you join the program today, we will remove your working unit free of charge and give you $10 off you monthly payments for an entire year. In addition, your working unit will be donated to someone in NYC who needs it this summer.