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Head of Product 

Job Description


Who we are:

July is a modern appliance company, disrupting the traditional appliance business. We seek to delight customers with beautiful products with service models that make getting your product as easy as can be. We’ve started by reimagining the window air conditioner - and are now working on our next product, with more on the roadmap. Backed by our best-in-class engineering and manufacturing partnerships, we are uniquely positioned to shake up the market - in the A/C category and beyond.


We put the customer at the core of everything we do: from addressing pain points in the product (aesthetics, ease of installation) to the experience (delivery and environmental impact), we are changing the business. 


What we are looking for:

July is seeking a Head of Product to help guide the development of new products as well as improvements to our existing product. As one of the earliest employees, you’ll have ownership over the end-to-end implementation of the product roadmap.

This role is based in New York City.

If you think you’re a fit, email us at hello@july.ac.   



  1. Product Roadmap Co-Ownership
    Along with the CEO, own the product roadmap for the continued development of our core window A/C product; our second flagship product, currently in development; new variants of our core product planned for 2022; new hero products to begin building out July’s product portfolio; and additional add-ons and accessories.

  2. End-to-End Project Management
    Drive execution against the end-to-end product development lifecycle for all our products. 

    - Project manage implementation from concept to industrial design, through engineering, tooling and manufacturing

    - Establish and track against development timelines

    - Maintain the relationship with our partners in industrial design, engineering, tooling, and manufacturing to keep all parties aligned and on track

  3. Concept Exploration Support
    Conduct and drive analyses and prioritize new concepts for advancement into a formal development process

    - Coordinate customer insight research with the Head of Brand

    - Conduct high-level feasibility analyses to prioritize the concepts for further exploration

    - Develop specs of advanced concepts to deliver to industrial design and/or engineering

  4. COGS Ownership & Optimization
    - Own COGS for all products

    - Identify key areas to investigate for savings in future iterations of the product

    - Work with our Head of Global Supply Chain to find new sources for components, parts, and materials