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Instructions for Handy Pros to Measure for Side Panels

This page is for Handy pros who are with a customer who has asked them to measure for their custom cut side panels. To go back to the main installation instructions, click here.

To measure is very simple. 

  1. Open the Left Side Curtain by letting the blind roll back. 
  2. You will see a ruler at the bottom, marked A, B, C, etc.
  3. Find the letter that is fully visible right at the edge of the A/C, and note this. 
  4. If a letter is half visible, don't use that. Use the next letter that is fully visible.
  5. Repeat for the Right Side

For example, in this image, the letter to provide would be H.


Provide both letters to the customer, and let them know which one is for the Left Side and which one is for the Right Side. They will receive an email from us where they can submit the measurements.