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White-Glove Install by Handy

Starting at $95.00

Get an white-glove installation from our friends at Handy. Handy can install your July A/C nationwide, whether it’s a first-time install or a re-install for another season.

Handy can only install in a standard (single or double hung) window, up to 39” wide, using July’s standard installation system. They can remove, but not haul-away, an old A/C. They cannot install plexiglass with your A/C. that must be purchased separately from July and self-installed. If you need a custom install, please work with a local handyman - but if you’re in NYC, you can get a quote here.
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Professional | Expert | Insured

Get your July professionally installed by licensed experts, available nationwide through our partnership with Handy. Add it on to install your July for the first time - or, get the service if you need your July re-installed for a new season.