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Window A/C Support Bracket

July’s installation frame provides all the support your unit needs. However, some buildings and municipalities do require a bracket.

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This A/C Safe Window A/C Bracket affixes to the exterior of your window sill to provide an A/C with extra support, releiving pressure on the window. This bracket is compatible with most window A/Cs and can carry a weight of up to 80 lbs.
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In most cases, July’s installation frame gives your unit the support it needs. But if your landlord, building, or municipality requires a bracket, get this.

Not sure if you need a bracket?

July has been designed with an installation frame that is capable of securing July in your window. When properly installed, our patented window frame creates a secure hold within your window that does not require exterior support.

However, some buildings require exterior brackets for window A/Cs. Not sure? Ask your building management or a neighbor for more information. If you look up and others in your building all have a bracket, there’s a good chance it is a requirement of your building.

Similarly, check with your local government to see if it’s a requirement in your area. Contrary to popular belief, New York City does not require brackets - only that you install your window A/C in a secure manner. July’s installation frame does the trick.

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Old windows, new bracket.

Beautiful, old windows bring character to your home. But they also might not be in the best structural shape. Any window A/C, July included, puts some pressure on the window frame. If you’re worried about the structural integrity of your window, adding a bracket can bring you extra piece of mind.

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Installing your bracket.

This A/C Safe Bracket is installed on the exterior of your window, so you will require some clearance and the ability to drill into the exterior of the window frame.

The bracket works with walls from 4 inches to 11 inches thick, and can carry up to 80 lbs - sufficient for either your Small or Medium July.

If you purchase a bracket and opt for your white-glove installation service, our professionals will install your bracket alongside your A/C at no additional charge.

Curious about what the bracket installation will entail? Learn more.

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How July’s installation frame supports the unit:

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Our patent-pending frame is comprised of a steel center that can securely hold the weight of your unit. We provide screw holes to secure your A/C laterally against the base of your window frame, and vertically, affixed to your sliding window frame.

In most cases, the July Installation Frame will be all the support your A/C needs in your window. We recommend inspecting your window to ensure you have a compatible window format before purchasing. We also recommend ensuring a smooth base area window ledge, or supplementing any groove with our riser blocks.