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Carbon-Activated Purifying Filters

Cleanse your air of smoke, car exhaust, and odors with our brand-new carbon-activated filters. Comes in a 3-months supply.

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Our newly-released Carbon Activated Purifying Filters will remove odors and smoke from your air to give you fresher air.
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Every window A/C comes with a standard, washable filter— ours included.

Standard A/C filters act primarily to protect the internal components of your A/C against large chunks of debris that may be in the air. See how our Carbon-Activated Purifying Filters compare, and give yourself an upgrade to cleaner air.

Traditional filter Sky Filter
Wildfire smoke
Kitchen odors
Car fumes
Lint / Dust bunnies

How Carbon-Activated Filters work:

Your July A/C draws warm air in, expedites the air through the cooling and evaporation process, and pushes cool air back into your home.

The warm air passes through our Carbon-Activated Purifying Filter

Which captures contiminating smoke particles and pollutant debris.

Protect your air from smoke.

Monitoring the Air Quality Index (AQI) in US cities is one indication of the real consequences of climate change.

As our planet heats up, so increases our likelihood or recurring wildfires, which impact neighboring cities with smoke and haze.

Average PSI (particulate per square inch) is increasing in urban areas where pollution and smoke lingers over city centers.

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Swap in, swap out.

Our Carbon-Activated Purifiying Filters are easy to insert right into your A/C. Remove your front cover, and place it in. No need for de-installation or heavy lifting.

You can find instructions in our Owner’s Manual, or watch how to install in our online tutorial.

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What is "Carbon-Activated"?

Carbon particles attract odor and smoke particles and trap them inside in a process called “adsorption. Our carbon-activated purifying filters leverage this function of carbon to rid your home air of unwanted smells and fumes.

The carbon traps odor molecules and saturates the filter. Thesee filters should be replaced about once a month.