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Insulation Panels

Create an insulated seal for the side panels of your July - perfect for leaving it in the window all year round. Set of 2.

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Build a more durable barrier against the outside world. Our Insulation Kit is comprised of 2 panels made of insulating foam, designed to go behind your standard Side Curtains. Perfect for leaving your July in during the colder months.
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Like with all A/Cs, leaving your July in your window through fall and winter may allow a cool draft to come in through the sides. Our Insulation Kit is specially designed to make use of weatherproofing and insulating neoprene foam, to keep moisture and cold air from getting into your home.

Insulation layer for a cozier home.


Our Insulation Kit slides into place alongside the inside of your July frame, when installed in your window. Add your Insulation Kit as a weatherproof layer behind your standard fabric vinyl curtains, or put it behind our Solid Side Panel Kit for the tightest seal there is.

Keep the bugs out & block out the noise.

Live in a city? On a busy street? We've got you. Our Insulation Kit gives you a tighter seal from the weather, bugs, or anything else that might try to make its way into your home. Plus, dampen the noise coming from the outside, so you can get more rest.

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Cut and insert.

Installing your Insulation Kit takes no more than a few minutes, and all you'll need is a pair of scissors. Our foam-backed panels can be cut down to fit the exact space needed to fit your window frame, on either side. Then, insert behind your standard side curtain, or layer it beneath your Solid Side Panel Kit.